So, could God be calling you to a ministry in

Christian Counseling

Do you find yourself wanting to help others, or maybe a desire to go further in your education? If so, you have found one of the finest local programs for earning your Christian counselor credentials, and also the required degrees to begin, or enhance, a full ministry of counseling. At the Institute of Counselor Development (ICD) you can receive the training and classes needed for counseling, Christian education or Bible degrees, along with the help to become a licensed Christian counselor.

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A Counseling Curiculum that is

Bible Based

The counseling modality used by ICD, “Creation Therapy,” focuses on enabling persons to better understand themselves and their responsibility to establish and develop a deeper relationship with God. It allows people to understand how God made them, and how they can truly live a life in balance. It is a viable tool that allows counselors to emphasize the importance of yielding to God’s will, and of discovering His purposed destiny for each individual’s existence.

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License and Degrees

So, whether you feel called to the ministry of Christian counseling, need to find a better way to help friends and family or wish to pursue a career in counseling, let us be your resource. If you desire a college degree that is based on biblical principles, then let ICD be the solution...we’re here for you.

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