Counselor Certification/Licensure

The Institute of Counselor Development (ICD), the National Christian Counselor Association (N.C.C.A.) and Heritage International Bible College and Seminary combined to make up one of the largest education and training organizations for Christian counselors in the area. We offer counselor training, counseling certification/licensure and multiple degree programs.

Phase 1: After completing all requirements, students will receive the following credentials:
• N.C.C.A. Certified Temperament Counselor
• N.C.C.A. Membership
• S.C.C.A. Professional Membership

Phase 2: Completed Phase 1 and requirements for this phase. They will then receive one of the following:
• Certified Pastoral Counselor (non-degreed)
• Licensed Pastoral Counselor (Bachelor’s degree)
• Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor (Master’s degree)

Advance Courses:
Advanced courses are available through scheduled classes and self-study. Students wanting to receive certification in specific areas are required to complete advanced courses. Degree programs require hours in advanced study. Please talk with school administration for more information.


Degrees Offered

All degrees, Associate through Doctorate, are conferred from the Heritage International Bible College and Seminary, under the direction of the American Mission Teams. Heritage International Bible College and Seminary, the American Mission Team and N.C.C.A. are accredited as a Comprehensive Accredited Member through the Accrediting Commission International (A.C.I.).

  • Associate Degree, Christian Education with minor in
    Christian Counseling or Theology
  • Bachelors Degree, Christian Education with minor in
    Christian Counseling or Theology
  • Masters Degree, Clinical Christian Counseling
  • Doctorate Degree, Clinical Christian Counseling
  • Doctorate Degree, Ministry

Life Experience Credits

Life Experience Credits are allowed, up to 40 hours maximum, toward the Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree. You must complete the information on the registration form and discuss your intention of earning a degree with the office at the beginning of the school year. Life experience credits will not be matriculated after one year from the time of enrollment.


As a licensed Christian counselor you can qualify to:

Start a Christian Counseling ministry / Train others to counsel & Teach biblically based human behavior and problem resolution / Be Advanced Certified in the following specialty areas: Marriage & Family Therapy, Child & Adolescent Therapy, Crisis & Abuse Therapy, Domestic Violence & Intervention Therapy / Receive on-going support via networking with other Christian Counselors

Phase 1 Minimum

• Creation Therapy

• Basic Christian Counseling

• Integrating Temperament and Psychology

Phase 2 Minimum

• Temperament Case Studies

• Counseling the Co-Dependant

• Quality and Ethics and Legal Issues


Phase 3 Advanced Courses

All advanced courses are applicable toward specific certification areas as well as degree completion programs.

This counselor development has prepared us with the tools we will need along our journey. Has offered us foresight that we didn’t have before. It has made us laugh, made us cry and made us psycho analyze. We’ve laughed at Pastor Ron's stories and antics. We trusted each other enough to share things about our lives that most people don’t easily open up about. We grew close throughout this year to not just become classmates, but friends. ICD Student
If you’re able to take a little step of faith and commit yourself to Institute of Counselor Development, I can guarantee, and there aren’t many guarantees in life, that you are about to embark on a journey of self discovery. It will lead you to your own personal healing and wholesomeness in a journey of finding your purpose and calling in Christ Jesus. ICD Student

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